LSO profile

for mounting directly on the base using screws or double-sided tape. equipped with edges for heat dispassion from the LED strip, which can also serve to hide the routing power wires.. From inside has extra slots for attaching the board.
Anodized aluminum profile, color – silver.

L = 2000 mm.
Р = 171 mm.

Lens (diffuser) matt polycarbonate

L = 2000 мм.


On the double sided tape or glue, and screws that are invisible after installation. For this purpose there are slots on the inner edge for centering screws. Indispensable profile when you need to anti-vandalism fixation of profile, for example in public places – parking lots, stairwells, hallways, etc.


Standard cap ZCR and double sided tape LC.

Standard cap ZCP and double sided tape LC.

Standard left cap ZCTL and right ZCTP and double sided tape LC.

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