The increase in the number of projects using LEDs has led to the demand for reliable fastening of the tape in case of its installation to the ceiling or in the vertical plane, since conventional adhesive materials can lose their properties over time. Yes, sometimes it is acceptable to use plastic boxes or staples, however, the operation of the LEDs is accompanied by heating, which requires ensuring proper heat dissipation. In addition, in the course of installation, fastenings often have to be shortened, so they should not have a large mass, and it is important to devote less effort to work with them. Such conditions are ideal for aluminum – a round profile for LED strip of this material is today considered the most popular.

Features of a round aluminum profile for LED strip

Among the main advantages enjoyed by the round profile for the LED strip, the ability to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs should be highlighted. This moment is important, because with excessive heating by light sources, the declared operational terms cannot be guaranteed. This parameter is determined by the watts of energy to be dissipated with respect to the meter of the finished profile, depending, first of all, on the parameters of the directly radiating surface: its area, as well as its dimensions.

Where the round LED profile is applied

Creating a modern interior, a round aluminum profile for a LED strip is really an indispensable component, having a mass of various colors and shapes. Choosing such a profile, not only enhances the aesthetic component of the interior, but also adds a new lighting source.
As the main places where the round profile for the LED strip is used, you can highlight:
  • in the design of concert scenes and halls;
  • creating lighting for restaurants and cafes, hotels and office spaces;
  • when organizing the lighting on the stairwell;
  • arranging structures for advertising purposes and shop windows;
  • as a hidden highlight of hard-to-reach places, for example, in ceiling, floor or wall niches, on shelves and furniture;
  • in the residential interior for lighting balconies and kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

What are the advantages of a round profile for LED strip?

The list of undoubted advantages related to this type of product, such as the LED profile is round, is quite large, but the following are particularly highlighted:
  • a variety of types and ease of use when creating unique designs;
  • embedding in hard-to-reach places;
  • excellent functionality and aesthetics;
  • excellent heat dissipation from the LEDs, providing the required protection against overheating.