LSS profile

equipped with edges for heat dispassion from the LED strip, which can also serve to hide the routing power wires.. From inside has extra slots for attaching the board.
Anodized aluminum profile, color – silver.

L = 2000 mm.
Р = 174 mm.

Lens (diffuser) transparent and matt, polycarbonate

L = 2000 мм.


In cases where it is impossible to fix a profile on the double sided tape : worn on the wallpaper, paint, plaster , wood , and other dust , uneven , wet and corrode bases. Concealed (hidden) mounting system securely holds profile without gaps with the surface and allows multiple mount / remove the profile if necessary service base elements.

The design of a concealed (hidden) fastening system , with LK clips, RU universal spacer, RF spacer lock and mounting kits allows installation of profiles in various ways and provide a variety of design solutions.

The unique design allows you to mount items in wide strips and panels using a special attachment ” slot – ledge ” on the sides of the profile.


Standard cap  ZSR.

Standard cap  ZSP.

Standard left cap  ZSTL and right ZSTP.


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