What is an angular profile for a LED strip?

To simplify the installation of LED strip as much as possible and to make the mount more reliable, special profiles are used. One of the most popular profiles is the corner. As materials used in the manufacture of plastic or aluminum. Corner aluminum profile for LED strip is more durable than plastic. It does not give in to deformation and well removes excess heat, increasing the service life of the lighting elements. Also, this corner is characterized by resistance to moisture and external mechanical influences, so it can be mounted in the bathroom, shower or in the kitchen.
These mounting accessories are supplied with plugs, fasteners and diffusers. Diffusers can be transparent or matte. Matte screens transmit about 70% brightness, while transparent ones transmit about 95% of the light. It follows from this that if a bright luminous flux is needed, a transparent screen will be the optimal choice. Matt diffusers are suitable for subdued lighting.

Where can I use the corner profile for the LED strip?

Products of this type can be used:
  • When installing linear LED lighting in niches of drywall constructions, window and door openings;
  • To highlight the staircase steps in rooms;
  • To create luminous floor or ceiling baseboards;
  • In order to zoning a room and placing accents in the interior;
  • For window dressing in shopping malls or showrooms, highlighting furniture items (for example, mirrors on vanity cupboards, work area of ​​kitchen set), etc.
Arranging LED strips in the kitchen or on a flight of stairs saves energy. If you wish, you can install a motion sensor so that the backlight turns on in response to the appearance of people.

How to install a corner for LED strip?

Even a novice master can handle installation. Such a profile is mounted at the junction of two planes at an angle of 90◦ using double-sided tape or fasteners (for mounting on brick or concrete surfaces). For installation in the mounting has a rear wall that allows you to hide screws, dowels or screws.