The staircase profile is an anti-slip overlay that provides comfortable and safe movement on slippery and smooth surfaces. Staircase constructions and steps often have such a surface represented by polished stone or tiles. Most commonly, it’s extremely traumatic, so it’s important to ensure the safe walking on the stairs beforehand.

Overlays that close the edges of the steps prevent their mechanical damage and ensure proper grip of the shoe with the surface. Efficiency is increased by adding a rubber insert, which is relevant if the threshold width is sufficient. Besides, such a finish gives the stairs a complete and attractive look.

Features of the aluminum staircase profile

The material of staircase profiles is tenacious aluminum alloy not amenable to corrosive and chemical attack. Rubber inserts are made of antifriction composition whose properties are valid even at sub-zero temperatures. They can be replaced with new ones if necessary. Aluminum staircase profile is used for finishing staircases in both public and residential areas.

The functional use of an aluminium threshold with a rubber insert is as follows:

  • anti-slip protection for people walking on stairs;
  • preventing sheared surface on the outer corners of the steps.

This profile is able to prevent an accidental fall. The special rubber insert has a grooved surface, which makes it absolutely anti-slip.

Advantages of the staircase profile made of aluminum

To make the threshold look as aesthetic as possible in different design projects, one should select the appropriate type of coating:

  • painted;
  • anodized;
  • without further processing.

The ease of installation allows for the shortest time of assembly works. Rubber insert covers all screw caps, as in the case of concealed installation.

The choice in favor of this product from aluminum alloys can be attributed to many positive aspects thereof:

  • quality performance;
  • durability;
  • low weight;
  • anti-corrosion properties;
  • long service life;
  • decent appearance.

Each of these advantages of the product contributes to high demand for it and its applicability.