We invite designers svitlodyzayneriv, decorators and architects to join the super offer «LP design», held in the framework of our program to support designers.
Using profiles led LP, anyone can create a unique LED design and get a super discount on its implementation.
The essence of the proposal is that the design of projects that will come to us before October 30 will receive the status – «LP design». In the case of the project on the real object, the participant will offer a super discount on all profiles led LP, which will be involved in the project.

To participate in this promotion, you need to October 30 2015 to send us your design project of integration of LED profiles in the interior of the address: y.novichenko@tisprofile.com. In a letter to specify the name of the author and contact telephone number (required).
This can be 3D-visualization and planning, made in a special program or pencil drawing by hand with the size and plan on paper. The more information you provide about the project, the more accurate calculations.
Within 3 days after you send us their work, our specialist will contact you to advise and make calculations of components and the cost of installation.
So if you want to make a functional and original Lighting, we will help you in! Do not miss the opportunity to get super-discount!