Profile LPU-17

Compact corner profile made ​​of anodized aluminum, perfect for illumination of small planes. Designed for the concentration of light flux, and equipped with edges for heat dispassion from the LED strip, which can also serve to hide the routing power wires.

Anodized aluminum profile, color:

  • silver
  • uncoated

L = 2000 mm.
Р = 115 mm
Lens (diffuser), transparent and matt, polycarbonate
L = 2000 mm.

Lens (diffuser) focusing, transparent, polycarbonate
L = 2000 mm.


In the corners of constructions, furniture, commercial equipment, shopfronts, places of walls and ceilings junctions and other places, where you want qualitative backlight and inconspicuous the profile itself.
For mounting profile not only at the corners but also on the surfaces, a solid outer front facet is provided.
Can be fastened both on double sided tape or glue, and with the help of screws, which are not visible after installation. For this purpose, on one of the inner facets we made chamfer for screw centering, while it does not in contact LED tape, and profile design provides comfortable placing of screws perpendicular to the mounting surface.


Standard caps (endings) without hole ZPU and with hole ZPUO, double sided tape LS.

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