• LPS-12


    mounting (installation) on hidden (concealed) spring clip or magnet. Hidden (concealed) mounting (installation) system securely holds profile without gaps with the surface and allows multiple mount / remove the profile if base elements service being necessary.

    Anodized aluminum profile, color – silver.

    L = 2000 mm.
    Р = 80 mm
    Lens (diffuser), transparent and matt, polycarbonate
    L = 2000 mm.


    Podvesnaya lampa_small


    edges of the mounting hole for clip / magnet serve as an additional heat dispassion. Used in cases where it is impossible to secure a profile on the double sided tape: on the wallpaper, paint, plaster, wood, and other dust, uneven, wet and corrode the bases.

    Wall mounting with clips LC or magnets PM


    Angle mounting with clip LC 1 and angle KT10.


    Standard caps (endings) without hole ZP12 and with hole ZPO12, clip LK, magnet PM.

    zaglushka_LPS-12 krepleniya i magnit_LPS-12 zapatentovano

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