• LED luminaire for system ceilings

    We offer to Your attention a novelty 2016 year – LED lamp for system underroofs from ТМ “Kraft”, the analogues of that yet are not present at the market. 

    Now-how consists in that this simple in execution decision does not require additional lamps, fastening and opening, that facilitates setting and maintenance of lamps considerably.

    A mat diffuser from optical поликарбоната is simply snapped to on a Т-profile, provides the reliable hooking with him and is completed поликарбонатными chokes and reducers. Important, what a designer decision can be applied both on the new ceiling and on existing.


    A Т-profile is basis for fastening of different types of system underroofs, now yet and basis of exclusive ceiling lamp. An aluminium profile comes forward as a corps of LED of lamp and heatsink for a light-emitting-diode ribbon, and a diffuser protects from moisture and dust. A not insignificant plus is a laconic design – a mat diffuser gives.


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