LN 50

LN 50 profile

with elevated heat sink designed for of LED lighting both indoors and outside.

Anodized aluminum profile, color – silver.

L = 2000 мм.
L = 4000 мм.
L = 6000 мм.
P = 340 мм.

Lens (diffuser) RN 50, matt polycarbonate.

L = 2000 мм.
L = 4000 мм.
L = 6000 мм.



carried out by pre-of collected fastening luminaire on the base profile LN 50. For additional fixation on the outer walls of the profile grooves provided for krepeniya stainless steel screws.

Mounting with screws.



standard cap ZN 50 and of stainless steel screws.

STAINLESS samorezy for fixing profiles LNS 50.


ZN 50


LNS 50